The Things We Found

In the mountains, we found an edge

A place where our bodies stopped

Pushed to the limits

Then the strength to push on


In the villages, we found history

Time and story beyond imagination

Great deeds and sad tales

Then the hope to move forward


On the road, we found others

Searching for something

Beyond the known

Then the inspiration to take another step


In the cathedrals, we found beauty

Rising to the heavens

inspired by God

Then the faith to trust


In the cities, we found frenzy

The maelstrom of life

Unfettered by our purposes

Then the energy to keep going


in the wind, we found fear

The doubt of our own reasons

Pushing against our progress

Then the courage to walk anyway


In the rain, we found despair

An oppressive resistance

Whispering “Why are you doing this?”

Then the will to believe


In each other, we found purpose

Bound by something higher

Calling us to more

Then the promise of brighter days


In You, we found faith

The unreasonable belief

In our own worth

Then the trust to follow you to the end


  • Dawn Sparks

    I love this!! Just beautiful.

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