The rain held us
In its cold cocoon
Blanketing us
While the tornado
Swelled within
Arrival was bittersweet,
Frenetic at first
Settling to placid introspection
All emotion seemed magnified
Each feeling epic
Searching for meaning,
We strained our senses
Reaching for firm ground
Hoping for revelation
Stories swirled between us
Memories even now fading
As the suffering evaporated
And the salt of different earth remained
Under the spires
We held tightly to our trials

Within the sepulcher
We wondered at the mystery
Even now, unsure
Your wet, stone streets
Offered no answers
Only the echo of rain drops
The flow of pilgrims
Marked the moments
Running like blood,
Then washing away
We found it here
Walking into your arms
Where the waiting smiles
And affection greeted us
The simple humanity of the moment
Answered many questions
There is much left unsaid
But we leave you, knowing love
Our next steps resting on something solid
Something that wasn’t there before

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