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Heavy. That’s how it feels right now. We are bombarded with case counts and death counts. Seeing the Johns Hopkins map looks like a doomsday timer counting toward something incomprehensible. The drama builds to new daily crescendos as we brace for the worst amid criticisms of not being prepared or being slow to adjust our […]

Not Helpless

One of the dangerous side effects of our current COVID-19 shutdown is the inevitable feeling of helplessness that comes from being directed to “shelter-in-place” – particularly if our vocation is considered “non-essential.” What incredibly dis-empowering words! The Message Each day, we are barraged with images and words that affirm our helplessness. Arbitrary [...]


The sand shifts Underfoot Waves pushing and pulling Removing steadiness In their retreat These are days of unease Unsteadiness A time when certainty Feels distant A stranger to our longing The old vulnerability has returned, Though it was never far All the old rules feel broken The old comforts a mirage In this blanket of […]

Peace Be With You

Attending Mass this morning, I noticed the social distancing. No handshakes. No holy water. Looking closely at the faces gathered in the Sanctuary, I noticed something else: no fear. Ignorant bliss? I don’t think so. It looked a lot like a sense of peace. We’ll be studying this moment in time for years to come. […]

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Every Day is Game Day – Hardback


Remember waking up thinking of a competition, presentation, or performance ahead of you? The thrill. The butterflies. Every day presents an opportunity to try your best, to be your best. This book is a personal growth devotional that leads the reader through key opportunities to make every day a game day in his or her own life.



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