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Beauty Hidden Beyond the Shadows

Oh, mirror in the skyWhat is love?Can the child within my heart rise above?Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?Can I handle the seasons of my life? Stevie Nicks, Landslide “This moment is singular,” I thought as I looked around the room. Small groups of mourners were aggregating and disbanding as they awkwardly greeted […]

A Few Books for Life

Somewhere around 1989, I compiled a list of “goals” for my life. It was an eclectic mix of things I wanted to have, things I wanted to do, things I wanted to be, and things I wanted to accomplish. Near the top of the list were books. I wanted to have and read a lot […]

Our Loss When Founders Sunset

Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the pastI know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast Bob Dylan Our world has a natural ebb and flow to it. The tides come in and retreat, rhythmically, predictably. The seasons come and they go, moving us with them as change comes to everything we know. […]

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Happy Birthday America! Now 244 years old, you can no longer claim novelty or inexperience. Yours is a history of brilliance and bloodshed, strife and prosperity, faith and heresy, hope and despair, laughter and tears. The bareknuckled battles that formed your founding live on through their heirs as we continue to debate the same disagreements […]

Our Need to Go to the Edges

We are creatures of extremes. Take a look around. Extreme sports. Extreme drama. Extreme entertainment. Extreme violence. Extreme luxury. Extreme poverty. Extreme politics. Extreme generosity. Extreme selfishness. Extreme. In nearly every direction we look, we see the extreme. We seem naturally drawn to our edges. What is an edge? An edge is the outer limit, […]

Take Them Somewhere New

I don’t need to believe all the dreams you conceiveYou just need to achieve something that rings true Martin Gore, A Pain That I’m Used To I once worked for a dynamic leader who would frequently say that there are three things that employees want to know: 1) Where are we going? 2) How will […]

The Secret Life of Cicadas

This summer’s cicada invasion has provided a curiously biblical book-end to 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the plague of insects has had little affect on life, limb, or livelihood for those of us living amid their brief and frenetic existence but their presence cannot be missed visually or aurally. In honor of their appearance this summer, […]

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