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Living Fiercely

Have you ever noticed how certain words seem to resonate with you differently at different times in your life? Like a melody, a smell, or a place, words attach themselves to memories and often come to symbolize not just that moment, but reflect a deeper sense of self attached to it. I’ve long held a […]

This Season of Waiting

December is here, in all of its bright and glittery fullness, as our season of waiting. For Christians, we are in the season of Advent – a time for anticipating the birth of Jesus Christ, and preparing for his return. For our society in general, this month is full of anticipation for the secular version […]

Disenchantment Renders Failure Meaningless

I recently finished a book entitled “Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle Earth” by John Garth. For Tolkien fans, it is a delightfully insightful journey through his days just before and during the formative years of World War I. John Garth’s perspective and narrative are equal to the monumental task of artfully reporting […]

Are You Housecatting?

Many years ago, I worked for a high growth company that had a very robust sales culture. Highly driven and highly paid, sales people were pushed hard to achieve sales goals and there was little organizational patience for bad sales days and no patience for bad sales months. Within that company, we had an expression […]

What Would You Tell Yourself?

Memory is such a strange thing. Clear in so many ways and foggy in others. Forgetting is often a gift as it assists us in moving on. Yet, sometimes it makes us lose sight of the lessons, moments, and delights that presented themselves to our previous selves. Even worse, memory frequently twists itself in and […]

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SaleEvery Day is Game Day – Hardback

Every Day is Game Day – Hardback

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