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Fifty Years

the distance, there to here is immense changes wrought along a journey we didn’t realize had begun change is subtle tiny adjustments, happening always altering space, time, heart like a Divine Pointillist painting the story of your life still, all time serves His purpose the moments collect faster revealing an image only in rear view […]

Your Biggest Decision

Choices are the hinges of destiny. Edwin Markham his week-end, my youngest son asked his girlfriend to marry him. As a parent, this is one of the biggest decisions I cannot make and evokes a complex mix of fear and joy. For this young couple, their decision to marry each other is the biggest decision they will ever make. Consider […]

The Journey

Forgive my single-mindedness. These weeks are consumed with the final stages of our move to St. Bernadette's. As we close-in on this milestone, I'm flooded with thoughts on the road to this point. The unlikely aligning of interests and objectives as well as the winding path to a conclusion.

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Every Day is Game Day – Hardback


Remember waking up thinking of a competition, presentation, or performance ahead of you? The thrill. The butterflies. Every day presents an opportunity to try your best, to be your best. This book is a personal growth devotional that leads the reader through key opportunities to make every day a game day in his or her own life.



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