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And Now, A Pause for Gratitude

If you’re reading this, it means you woke up this morning and found yourself blessed with another day. Congratulations! That, my friend, is a gift. Every breath is a small miracle. So small, we don’t even notice them. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you also survived COVID, a potentially deadly descent into having […]

One of the Good Guys

During a recent walk, Sally and I were sharing highlights from our day. As I was describing a conversation during a recent meeting, I found myself saying in conclusion: ”I really like him. He’s one of the good guys.” She said in response, ”I could tell by the way you described your conversation.” Something in […]

Life is the Camino

In two weeks, Sally and I will begin a journey that will take us from Indianapolis, Indiana to what was once considered the end of the earth: Finisterre, Spain. Our goal? To walk the 500 mile Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

The Price of Freedom

As long as human beings are imperfect, there will always be arguments for extending the power of government to deal with these imperfections. The only logical stopping place is totalitarianism — unless we realize that tolerating imperfections is the price of freedom. Thomas Sowell We had a chance to see Top Gun: Maverick the other […]

In Good and Bad, Unapologetically American

America is the only nation in the world founded on a creed. G. K. Chesterton Happy Birthday America! Two hundred and forty six years later, your amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties, and fruited plains continue to enthrall us while your social, cultural, and political upheavals persist in frustrating those of us living through […]

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