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An accomplished business builder, Phil has built branch offices for national IT consulting firms, acquired, renovated, and sold a 170,000 sq ft GM factory, built his own sales consulting practice, led business development for three startups, and facilitated more than a dozen acquisitions — including operations rolled into Northwind Pharmaceuticals – the only pharmacy solution in the country that blends worksite clinic dispensing, home delivery pharmacy, and pharmacy benefit management. Phil’s latest project was the renovation of the former St. Bernadette’s Church and School in the Christian Park neighborhood of Indianapolis so that it can house Northwind. Phil combines a scrappy, bootstrap approach with nearly 30 years of seasoned leadership, development, and financial skills


Phil has written hundreds of posts on leadership, healthcare, sales/business development, problem solving, career development, communication, and self-improvement topics. His writing can be found on LinkedIn, the Northwind Pharmaceuticals blog, and here on He has published four books: Stones Across the River, a collection of essays on personal growth, problem solving and leadership,  Every Day is Game Day, a collection of essays focusing on the importance of “showing up,” and Traveler, a collection of poems telling a layered story of love, loss, struggle, hope, and aspiration. Phil’s latest book, Nexus of Care: Fulfilling the Promise of Employer-Sponsored Health Centers, challenges employers to tackle healthcare cost and outcomes problems by embracing a “nexus of care” model to influence the care employees receive.


Phil coached youth basketball, softball, and soccer for over 12 years. His experience as a coach and developer of talent informs his writing and outlook on life. Phil blends his athletic coaching experience with his business ventures in an ongoing effort to help the individuals on his teams become the best version of themselves.

Phil is a 2015 graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program through Babson College and served as a Business Advisor for several later cohorts of that program. He is a former board member for Timmy Global Health, board of advisors member for On-Target-Health in Indianapolis, board Vice President for Gennesaret Free Clinics, board of advisors member for Butler University’s College of Business, and Board President for St. Lawrence Catholic Church.


Phil, and his wife of 30+ years, Sally, live in Indianapolis near their four children and their three grandchildren. A graduate of Butler University, this Bulldog loves Hinkle Fieldhouse, history, active living, travel, and the joys of his Catholic Faith. 

Phil is a man of integrity and lives by the Golden Rule. His purpose is ever expanding as he listens to that inner voice and realizes his full potential. All who have the opportunity to know and interact with Phil cannot help but grow and expand as well.
Todd Foushee, PMR Healthcare

Phil is astute at quickly sizing up a complex situation, insightful about the human condition, and perceives ‘the little guy hidden in the corner.’ A family man of the first order — loving, accepting, and nurturing. An ever-evolving, inquisitive mind… this is apparent after nearly 30 years of friendship.

Jonathan Jerden, Millennia Consulting


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