Sometimes our best wins the race and sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes our best gets us what we want and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes, our best is just showing up and surviving to fight another day. 

Perhaps you have an absolute measure of your best; a moment in which you reached some peak of performance. You might have a reference point by which all other moments are measured and find yourself disappointed in the series of moments that followed…and fell short. That’s the thing about our “best,” it seems to be a relative measure, a buoy that bobs in the river of our seasons. 

Today, let’s look at our best as a moment in time. This moment. Today, let’s imagine our best not as reflection of performance but as projection of person.

“Happy writing,” she said. And smiling, added, “Do your best.”

Do Your Best (June 2015)

Do your best.
Her parting words hung in the air,
and my mind,
as I fumbled through the dark.

The night was heavy upon us
and her words seemed to flow
from another world, not fitting the moment
yet profoundly prescient.

The nature and definition
of a person’s best is ephemeral,
changing, wraithlike with the moment
there and gone silently.

These words were encouragement.
A prayer for a troubled heart,
an admonition
for a challenged soul.

Moments before, I spoke of adversity
as a single obstacle.
She reminded me of its true nature
as an enduring companion.

I paused in the silence of the night.
Considering her words as I walked to the door.
In the hazy, half-awake moment,
I felt the compassion, and forgiveness.

You are not alone.
You don’t have to be perfect.
We will find a way.
Do your best.

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