Those Who Need it Most

In this small room
with small windows
and a small doorway
opening into a world made small,
narrowed with options
reduced to the unanswerable,
there remains but one option
one choice left
no other will do.
In that choice lies clarity
there is love left,
even in the small, narrow world,
hands to be held
hearts to be touched
generosity is out there
healing is beyond the small,
opening into something more
in the giving lies hope
in the receiving rests peace.
Even among the darkest days,
there in the darkness
of a road only you can walk
there is light
there is a future
there is a place
These days are passing
for us all,
most can’t see it
but in the seeing,
in the pain and suffering,
maybe there is more.
We inspire others with our life,
we move them with hope
even as we bring ourselves hope,
in the giving.
It feels small,
but you know otherwise.
It feels narrow,
but there is still possibility.
You are not alone.
Keep walking bravely.
You are not alone.

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  • Jaime Borkowski

    I love this!!

    • Phillip Berry

      Thank Jaims!

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