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The Difference

The difference lies
in the little things.

Quiet moments
away from the lights.

Small movements
leading, seemingly, nowhere.

The measure of our faith
mirrors what we give.

The value of our existence
reflects the difference we make.

Randomly opening a journal this morning, I came across the poem above. I wrote it on January 7, 2018. Putting it in this post, on this particular day, available to each of you within a specific set of readers, sets something in motion. Wherever I was and whatever I originally felt and meant in its writing, will meet one of you exactly where he or she is and in the way it is needed today.

I find that fascinating. Maybe even miraculous.

Last night, flipping through an album with photos of last fall’s trip to Italy, my parents were transported back to moments remembered and some forgotten. Was that the Amalfi Coast? Oh yeah, remember Lucia? What was the name of that restaurant in Sorrento? Can you believe we stood among the ruins of Pompeii? Was St. Bonaventure born in Bagnoregio? Their eyes glittered in wonder at the moments past, the shared memories, and those particular recollections that belonged to each of them individually.

The wonder of it all strikes me this morning as I wander in my own sea of moments. There is literally a rooster crowing in the background – so common now, I rarely notice…except occasionally in the silence of the morning. He announces the day with clockwork consistency, his call an invitation to the routine…or the wonder of the moments ahead.

We spend so much time lost in nothing in particular. Moments cascading like a rushing waterfall, sometimes taking us over the edge, often falling over us, only to move on. Always on. A photo is a freeze frame on a moment. Our smartphones enable us to take so many that we hardly consider the magic of those captured moments. Quickly posting them, they are then lost in the eternal river of media pouring forth, and past, lost in the digital graveyard of files we’ll likely never bother with again.

Unless we pick up that photo album together.

Whether that strikes you as sad, curious, or doesn’t strike you at all, is actually quite fascinating. After all, why does it matter?

Beckoned to a child-sized picnic table by my nearly sever year old grandson last night, my rush of preparations for a family dinner were freeze-framed in the imaginative bubble of a little boy’s Lego project. The child’s time is not our time, it is a universe unto itself. Always urgent, it is consumed with the present moment. Have you ever noticed that? Yesterday and tomorrow are never that important to a child. It is this moment that really matters. The innocent seem to intuit that now is our closest point to eternity.

Moon Over Lake Michigan

Moonlight upon the lake
Like the glittering glass of God's eyes,
Illuminating the path to eternity
Wisps of cloud, His breath,
Whispering, "Trust."
The waves rolling upon the shore,
His heart's steady drumbeat.
This moment, His silent invitation;
Timeless in the still of the night.
Will you accept your place in My story?

Today, sunlight strikes across the dewey, frozen-edged grass, its countenance…fascinating. We so rarely notice such things. Maybe that’s just me.

But I don’t think so.

Looking back at the journal beside me, I flip through its pages, glancing at dates: March 30, 2024, March 31, 2023, May 23, 2020, June 24, 2017. Each day, a collection of words marking a moment. Those days are gone and only the words remain. Fascinating.

We exist within an incomprehensibly amazing universe, surrounded by people sharing moments with us. If one stops long enough, with enough silence, and an open heart, he begins to tap into just how incredible is that thought. The gift is beyond reckoning. The magnitude beyond comprehension. How many moments are we given? How lavish is such a gift? Yesterday would have been enough, but the moments keep coming…cascading upon us. So very fascinating.

The last randomly flipped page in that journal lies open with the date 6-24-2017 written at the top. The opening lines:

Suddenly, everything had changed
My baby became a mother
Bringing another human being
Into this world

In the race to the next moment, life blurs unrecognizably, spent like an inexhaustible current. But the end comes, finally exhausted. In between is awe and wonder. The cascade is a glittering gift of amazing centered in the now. It is a lavish gift.

May we all keep feeling fascination with that gift. Wherever it meets us.

  • Trish+Berry

    And now my Baby is Grandfather of “6”!! How awesome.

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