This Day We Share

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This day we share, in the warmth of our home,

Together we pray, as our hearts lightly roam;

Toward the grateful, the plenty, the smells, and the cheer,

Across the miles we’ve walked, making our way here.

Beyond the sullen, the empty, the broken, the lost;

Traveled we have, knowing sacrifice and cost.

For the journey is long and tomorrow unknown,

But today we find courage, here, together, no longer alone.

Suddenly we see our many blessings and feel the assurance of love,

In this place today, we give thanks to God above.

For His yoke is easy, His burden light;

The comfort of His presence, we feel tonight.

The long silences gone, the loneliness left behind,

Gone is the fear of wandering too far to find.

Here and now, in this very place, hand in hand,

We ask for Your Grace.

Thank You for the gifts of life, of love, of hope,

The food before us, the strength to cope.

The struggles that formed us, the chances to learn,

The miracles that found us, the love we cannot earn.

Your promise of salvation, the offering of Your Son,

Your guiding presence across the battlefield, of a war You’ve already won.

We thank You for it all, though it is hard to understand,

We work to do Your will, with faith, hand in hand.

This day we share, with gratitude in our hearts;

Hoping, loving, trying – to faithfully do our parts.

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  • Jaime Borkowski

    Perfect, Phil.

    • Jarilyn Berry

      Beautiful. Thank you, P.

      • Jenny

        I wish I had a chance to read this before our meal so I could have read it to our whole crowd. Your words should be heard. Thank you for sharing.

  • Darlene


  • Jill

    Absolutely, Beautiful

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