The word hung in brass
With the endlessness of the Atlantic
Framing it beyond

The end of the world
Feels poised at the edge
Of infinity
A step from oblivion

O Semaforo
Was a fitting end
To the days and nights of trial
A form of completion to the Way

The dark waters worked tirelessly
Shaping the edges of a world
Resistant to change
Sculpting it to its place among us

Here, at the end
Our hearts and minds wandered
Back to St. Jean where we started
And across the dark waters to what’s next

Our journey continues to illuminate us
As the light slowly brings clarity to this day
Like the tiny boats below,
We float and bob to the rhythm of its deep waters

That rhythm still calls to us
Pilgrims now of a different sort
The life that was, yields to what must be
We, forever changed in its forming

Finisterre welcomed us,
And will soon return us
To that new rhythm –
The life after the journey

Here at the edge of the world
It all seems possible
The baptism of the Way
Releasing us to new life

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