Mom: The Ultimate Leader

Happy Mother’s Day!  I couldn’t help a bit of consideration for that outstanding example of leadership and poise that we’ve experienced from birth: our Mom.  Whether it’s the endless font of patience for our failings or the steady reinforcement of all that is good in within us, our Mothers provide the first and possibly best  display of leadership we will ever encounter.

How is our Mom the Ultimate Leader?

  1. Being there when needed.
  2. Supporting or disciplining us as the situation demands.
  3. Defining the culture for the home and living it daily.
  4. Teaching us right and wrong.
  5. Leading us into or out of the fire as needed.  Knowing when to let us fight it alone.
  6. Loving and defending us no matter how much we may not deserve it.
  7. Smiling and encouraging us even when she doesn’t feel it inside.
  8. Putting us first in amazing displays of servant leadership.
  9. Showing us the path to our own best success.  Letting us fail and succeed along the way.
  10. Teaching us the skills that help us during our journey.
  11. Creating a safe environment for us to be ourselves.
  12. Holding us accountable.
  13. Reminding us of who we are and who we might become.
  14. Sharing family history while helping us build our own.
  15. Patching us up when we fall.
  16. Showing us how to move on in the face of unthinkable loss.
  17. Showing us how to fight when it appears that we can’t win.
  18. Teaching us faith and hope in a world that doesn’t always foster them.
  19. Showing us how to juggle competing demands, overwhelming commitments, and endless tasks quietly and confidently.
  20. Being ever-present in our heart as a beacon for all that is good, in and around us.

I send this out to the Mom’s in my life and all of the Mother’s making this world better one person at a time.  Thank you for all that you do! 


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