Traveler – Hardback

A POETIC JOURNEY. What can poetry teach us about our lives and ourselves? Its power comes from its ability to force us to fill-in-the gaps, draw our own conclusions, and find our own familiar ground within its words. In its story, we find ourselves, face our own challenges, and discern the signs in our life helping guide us along our own way. Hardback book, color, 312 pages.


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Traveler is a story captured in a collection of poems encompassing the joys, struggles, disappointments, losses, and victories of one life over a span of time. Within its pages, this poetic journey charts the wonder of children through their growth and transition to maturity, mingling it with the complexities of love and the struggles of loss, while navigating the ebbs and flows of vocation and purpose. For lovers of poetry and those who struggle to see meaning in its economy of words, Traveler is ultimately a story that reflects the twists and turns of a journey we all must navigate through our shared human existence.

“Phillip Berry brings hope to the restless and weary traveler in us all through these beautifully crafted poems. By entering into his personal journey, we find companionship and courage, joy and sorrow, and the strength to face life’s defining moments head on.  No matter where you find yourself on your own journey, Traveler will not only inspire you to carry on faithfully, but to stop and enjoy the view along the way.  Though our destination may feel distant, we know we are headed somewhere beautiful and that we are not alone.  Let your heart find rest in this raw and poetic portrayal of a man who has faithfully walked the path laid before him and come to know something greater than himself.” – Madison Choiniere, Poet & Writer, Catholic on Purpose

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