The world is changing
a condition that’s never changed
though I feel it distinctly
this new place
where the old hopes no longer apply
people, places, things, shifting
morphing toward a tomorrow
not visible
but these are only sensations
those deceitful feelings
distracting from the moment
trapping us between melancholy
and a deeper happiness
taunting us with a life lived
when there is much life yet to live
the thoughtful cast upon those rocks
even as the ship is sailing
toward the horizon
it is a necessary path
the ebb and flow of comfort
among the world known and unknown
too much contemplation
fosters loose footing,
an imbalance
when grounding is what we seek
it is there, in and on those jagged edges
you know the way, instinctively
innocently doubting
even as you cast about for certainty
the old hopes are moving on
giving way to new possibility
regardless of your readiness
this is happening
your grip will not hold
and the way before you
is the only answer
these ruminations but shadows
of that part of you that has already moved on
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  • Jessica

    This poem makes me think of my nieces and nephews. The teenagers and young adults. Ever changing, ever wondering what may be. I love it.

    • philb

      Exactly what I hope for when I share…

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