The possibilities accelerate
Like lights streaking at high speed
I’m behind the wheel
But not in the driver’s seat
Playing the part in some bigger conversation
A passenger in a whirlwind
I don’t feel out of control,
Quite the opposite
There is purpose in my motions
Partly mine but wholly His
Unable to explain this sensation
I lump it in the faith category
A belief beyond reason –
Other than choice
I accept the path and destination
Without question
Somehow, I understand
That rise or fall, I must
follow through
Doubt exists, momentarily
Only to be replaced by
a relentless sense of purpose
I’m not called to change the world
Only my world –
in some small way
My failings still exist
though forgiveness may have been given
I remain flawed and broken
Only the greater hand that moves me
confirms some hint of godliness
and, in spite of free will,
I give myself to it completely
without hesitation
A fool I may be,
but I will remain true
Struggling, hoping, fearing
But true
in the best way I can

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