hard fought
hard won

we living now,
cannot deserve the countless sacrifices

each is beyond our worthiness
only the gift remains

Liberty bought with blood and time
a mere idea turned into our reality

a hope and a dream that we’ve forgotten
taken for granted in a world of mine and yours

the question comes across the decades,
what will you do to earn this gift?
how will you justify the price paid?

the roads we’ve traveled
and the paths before us

spring from byways carved long ago
ours is only one leg of a bigger journey

with an uncertain destination
freedom is a fragile gift

delicate in our hands,
we seem bent on giving it away

but our fathers saw something bigger,
chose to believe

and invested in this future we are living
these are blessings

we now possess
whether or not we see them

regardless of our choice to embrace or reject them
Liberty is ours,

to cherish, to enjoy, to protect
the challenges remain

there is a price to be paid
today, tomorrow, always

  • Cuzzy

    I love your style, Phil. With true depth. Keep it up.

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