My Dad is awesome.  I am truly thankful for his presence in my life and the example he has set for me in my own role as father.  However, the thing about being a father is that we don’t really want or need a day to acknowledge us.  If you want to thank us, just show up.  Just let us continue to be a part of your life.

Fatherhood is about action and presence over a very long period of time.  Be present and do what you’re called to do.  The accolade comes in the form of having been given the honor to play a role in the lives of your children.
So, this Father’s Day, thank your kids.

  • Thank them for the opportunity to be in their life.
  • Thank them for pushing you to grow as a dad and as a person.
  • Thank them for teaching you patience and humility.
  • Thank them for allowing you to love as you never thought possible.
  • Thank them for the quiet times and the raucous times.
  • Thank them for loving you in spite of your faults.
  • Thank them for enduring your coaching, correction, AND encouragement.
  • Thank them for adding a dimension to your life that is beyond compare.
  • Thank them for reminding you how awesome your Dad really is – then call your Dad and tell him you love him.  That’s all he really wants.

As fathers, we grow up with our kids.  They mold us as much as we mold them and our fatherhood is defined by our relationship with their childhood.  It is a gift beyond compare, the greatest of responsibilities, and the most powerful opportunity you’ll ever have to make a difference in this world.

As our children grow up, our time with them lessens and our relationship with each one evolves. Father’s Day becomes an annual reminder of the gifts we’ve received as Dads.  This Father’s Day, thank your kids.  (But remember your Dad as well!)

Thank you kids!  And Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there fighting the good fight!