A Time to Every Purpose

Business mirrors life and it is true that everything has its season.

  • A time to push forward and a time to retreat.
  • A time to fear and a time to be brave.
  • A time to be grand and a time to simplify.
  • A time to wonder and a time to know.
  • A time to trust and a time to doubt.
  • A time to be bold and a time to be cautious.
  • A time to be vocal and a time to be quiet.
  • A time to click send and a time to read it again.
  • A time to say “yes” and a time to say “no”.
  • A time to focus and a time to wander.
  • A time to hold tightly and a time to let go.
  • A time to consider and a time to decide.
  • A time to ask and a time to answer.
  • A time to stay and a time to move on.

We find ourselves in these times regularly.  They are seasons that recur, becoming patterns in our life.  So often, we ask the wrong question: Why? When the right question begins with “what.” What can I do to be my best? Because the seasons change and we change with them.  We seek answers when we should be seeking the strength to be our best.

Your career and your business move amidst the rhythms of these times.  Whether you work for yourself or someone else, they are not yours to control but simply yours to experience.  Only you can determine how you experience them.  These are not questions for you to answer but moments for you to embrace and grow through.  For in these moments, you discover who you really are and where you fit within this world.

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