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Northwind at 10! Ten Lessons Learned

This month, we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the founding of Northwind Pharmaceuticals. Like so many things in life, these last 10 years have gone quickly but not always smoothly. There is something magical about the 10th Anniversary so I thought I’d take a stab at identifying some relevant lessons learned and share them. […]

Finding Your Best When Struggling

The dark moments truly test us. When the world seems to close-in and our vision narrows to see only the painfully laborious next steps right in front of us. There is no space for past success or future possibility; there is only the struggle through the binding difficulties. Our own mind hardens the chains, firmly […]

Rising to the Occasion

I had the opportunity to see two powerful movies this week, both of which told stories of individuals standing in the face of dreadful circumstances. For me, each elicited a visceral reaction – I could truly feel the fear and hopelessness of the situations and was left troubled in their wake. Though these stories compel us […]

Unexpected Blessings

When was the last time you found yourself physically limited? So limited, that you required another person to help you get through your day(s)? As I write this, I am living in that place. Last week, I underwent surgery for a total hip replacement; the unfortunate result of shallow hip sockets and an active lifestyle. […]

Follow the Signs

After being laid-off from my fourth job in five years, I found myself asking many questions. What do I do now? Why did this happen again? What’s wrong with me? Looking back on it, I realize that the questions didn’t begin there and that my string of “bad luck” wasn’t as […]

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