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The Difference You Make

While leading the colonial militia in 2000’s The Patriot, Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) is devastated by the loss of his second son during America’s Revolutionary War. His commanding officer pleads with him to stay in the fight as they near a point where victory could be within reach. Martin replies that he is […]

What Coach Bowman Taught Me

Last night, I ran into my 9th grade basketball coach, Rex Bowman, at a surprise birthday party for my closest high school friend. I hadn’t seen Coach Bowman for years and it was wonderful to catch up for a few minutes. We all have those teachers or coaches who we remember as being key influences […]

Because It’s Beautiful

A few months ago, I attended a concert performed by the collegiate choir in which my son participates. The performance was held in beautifully ornate Catholic church and was comprised of several groups singing a wide variety of classical music. The production was a free event and was quite impressive in its scale and quality: […]

A Good Life. A Good Death.

As family and friends rolled-in, the church was filled with conversation, laughter, and quiet tears. The casket was placed at the foot of the altar and immediately reminded one of the purpose for this gathering. However, the environment held less of an element of sadness than that of a reunion. The candles, the pall, the […]

Bittersweet Symphony

August is here and the season is changing once again. For millions of parents, the annual transition from the lull of Summer to the structure and cadence of Fall’s school days is occurring. For those with children transitioning to adulthood through the college experience, it is a time of mixed emotion as cars are loaded […]

Stop Selling Yourself Short

I recently took a few minutes to sit down to breakfast by myself. In the booth next to me was a relatively young man and a young woman having a breakfast meeting. They were both dressed professionally; the man was sitting with his back to me. The conversation was business-oriented and the guy was doing most […]

Lessons From Interns Unleashed

Can you remember that time in your life when it was all in front of you? A point in your journey where your hopes for the future so far exceeded any baggage you had collected along the way that you were filled with an exuberant sense of possibility? This week, our summer interns will complete […]

Due for a Reboot?

"Please be patient while I reboot the system,” said the voice over the intercom. The flight attendant had been wrestling with the airplane’s video system for about 10 minutes before he determined that only a full reboot would bring the recalcitrant system back online. The plan full of travelers seemed nonplussed by the delay though […]

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