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Stay in the Fight

uitting is an insidious thing. Even in the cases in which it is the right answer, to even consider it is to weaken the very foundations of confidence, belief, and hope. Retreating from a high purpose, a lofty goal, or even a small dream is to diminish oneself in a fundamental way. It messes with […]

Uniquely Yours

I awoke this morning with a collection of questions, decisions, and challenges racing through my head. Working down this mental list, my mind jumped through a set of hoops seeking answers, searching for ways to ease the tension of each particular issue. Tossing left and right, I sought to solve everything in a state somewhere between […]

These Are The Good Stories

When confronted with a challenging situation in our house, we often use the expression “at least it will make a good story” to remind ourselves that we are called to find the bright side of our difficulties and sometimes, that bright side is simply a good story to share another day. For example, my wife […]

Times When We Have to Walk Alone

For a few weeks, I’ve been pondering the message of a LinkedIn post positing that leaders who surround themselves with the right team and treat them properly will never feel “lonely at the top.” The author made some good points about creating culture, fostering trust, and displaying honesty, as pathways to avoiding a sense of […]

Give Me One Reason

Today, we will celebrate our youngest daughter’s graduation from high school by hosting an Open House for family and friends. This morning, I survey the results of several weeks worth of preparation: invitations, gifts, fix-it projects, decorations, food, cleaning, organizing, etc. We have invested significant time and resources for this event for one reason: we […]

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