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Reconsidering Generosity

The Wall Street Journal recently printed an article entitled How to Suppress Your Inner Scrooge. The author wrote of studies conducted on behalf of the Salvation Army that demonstrated the lengths people will go to avoid the holiday bell ringers posted near stores to collect donations. The gist of the article is that we aren’t […]

I’m Going to Crush It!

On Monday’s, I like to make the rounds. How was your week-end? What’s up for this week? How are you feeling? Walking into our warehouse yesterday, I was greeted by a smiling team member who simply said: “I’m going to crush it!” Characters welcome! I knew exactly where his head, and heart, were. Coming off […]

A Different Kind of Thanks

Another year, another Thanksgiving. It seems that every year, I see more for which to be thankful – a wonderful by-product of the ageing process. The week has been marked by posts full of gratitude: family, health, freedom, faith, our service men and women, plus many other wonderful things for which to be grateful. I […]

The Truth About Happiness

Happiness appears to be on the minds of many these days as we see scores of books and other media appearing to tell us more about it and help us get there. I suppose it makes sense to talk about happiness in a world that seems so full of unhappiness. People everywhere are struggling with […]

Busyness is a Poor Excuse

Sifting through some old emails this week, I noticed a number of follow up actions that I missed. Shrugging, I quickly dismissed the oversights, after all, I was traveling, had a bunch of meetings, ran numerous errands, had endless interruptions, and on and on. In fact, I was so quick to rationalize these missed details […]

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