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Why We Don’t Like Sales People

The nature of my relationship with sales people shifted the day my title changed from Sales Rep to CEO. The “hunter” became the “hunted.” In my new role, I gained an entirely new perspective on sales people and the selling process. It is curious because I’ve spent my entire career “selling.” I use the […]

In Memory of Emery Wyatt Becker

The memorial service was held at Tinker House on 16th Street in Indianapolis. Hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects. Vic and Susan Becker stood for hours greeting, and hugging, every single person. The redone but still industrial room commanded a view of downtown Indianapolis and Emery’s photographs were set about on easels, […]

Naked and Afraid: Unexpected Blessings Part 2

I‘ve never watched Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” but I’ve always found the title, if not the premise, compelling. The words naked and afraid convey such a sense of vulnerability. I am now about two months down the road after having my left hip replaced. Today, I want to explore the distinct vulnerability I discovered along […]

Justice and Mercy

Many years ago, a man in a sports car was behind me and my young family as we were driving home from the grocery store. He was clearly in a hurry, was following too closely, and even honked a couple of times to indicate his disapproval of my speed. Finally, my anger flared and […]

Momentum Fixes Everything

March Madness is here! As I look at my broken bracket, I realize that this year has given us many surprises. One of the most exciting stories of this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has been Loyola of Chicago. Watching the Ramblers advance through the tournament, I can’t help but wonder if Sister […]

Northwind at 10! Ten Lessons Learned

This month, we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the founding of Northwind Pharmaceuticals. Like so many things in life, these last 10 years have gone quickly but not always smoothly. There is something magical about the 10th Anniversary so I thought I’d take a stab at identifying some relevant lessons learned and share them. […]

Finding Your Best When Struggling

The dark moments truly test us. When the world seems to close-in and our vision narrows to see only the painfully laborious next steps right in front of us. There is no space for past success or future possibility; there is only the struggle through the binding difficulties. Our own mind hardens the chains, firmly […]

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