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Navigating Inflection Points

Yesterday, we moved our second daughter, and youngest child, into her dorm room and left her to begin her college experience. After three other children, we knew the drill: dorm room setup, books, Target run for supplies, lunch, and the difficult farewell as we left her to cope with the fear and exhilaration that accompany […]

Our Strange Voyage

A war is happening and we are its central characters. I’m not talking about North Korea, the Middle East, Chicago, human trafficking, the environment, Capitol Hill, or opioids. For our country and our world, the prior list may outline the fronts for some of the greatest wars we face. For most of us as individuals, a […]

Leave It Better Than You Found It

I am drawn to the old and the worn. Companies, buildings, houses – things that once sparkled but have lost their luster seem to call to me. Yes, there is beauty and elegance in the new, the fresh, the current. We have wonderfully talented visionaries who create new things out of nothing and we are blessed

Rhythm, Timing, and Patience

Below me, waves from the Gulf of Mexico crash steadily upon the beach. To the east, the sun rises slowly, almost imperceptibly; right on time. My ears are full of the ocean’s persistent roar, reflective of rhythmic movements toward and upon the sand. The moment is organic, natural. Nature’s power and grace on full display […]

The Many Faces of Greed

Have you ever been stopped in traffic and watched an accident unfold, seemingly in slow motion, right in front of you? I saw an accident yesterday afternoon. Coming to a line of stopped cars in rush hour traffic, I looked in my rear-view mirror to see a car moving very quickly toward me, change lanes […]

Stay in the Fight

Quitting is an insidious thing. Even in the cases in which it is the right answer, to even consider it is to weaken the very foundations of confidence, belief, and hope. Retreating from a high purpose, a lofty goal, or even a small dream is to diminish oneself in a fundamental way. It messes with […]

Uniquely Yours

I awoke this morning with a collection of questions, decisions, and challenges racing through my head. Working down this mental list, my mind jumped through a set of hoops seeking answers, searching for ways to ease the tension of each particular issue. Tossing left and right, I sought to solve everything in a state somewhere between […]

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